Sales Funnel Implementation Programme

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a pre-defined set of steps and actions to help a lead go from being interested to buying (you making a sale).

Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel

Where does a sales funnel start? Sales funnels start with your strategy. You need to define who your ideal customers are; what your message will be and the advertising channel to use.

I have a website; do I need a sales funnel? It depends on what you are aiming to achieve. Some products and service work better with a sales funnel than others. It is about being clear what you strategy is.

What is the Sales Funnel Programme? We help you with your strategy and implement digital marketing and sales tools into your business for better measurable results.

What are the most important factors for a sales funnel? The first step is your strategy. To be very clear what you want to achieve. Second, is who your ideal customer is; and having an offer that will be beneficial to them. Finally you need traffic. We use paid traffic as it gives faster more predictable results. This means you must have a marketing budget for advertising purposes. Your budget will be dependent on the market you are in. Some markets are very competitive; others not.

Sales Funnels and Landing Page are key tools when you market online. A landing page forms part of your funnel.

What is a landing page? It is the page a website visitor lands on (visits). Most landing pages have one goal. It might be to convert the person into a lead or prospect. Even make a sale.

Need help with sales funnels? Contact me today.  I will call to hear if sales funnels are right for you.

What does a sales funnel look like? 

The image (product sales funnel) is an example of a product sales funnel. It shows the various steps and pages to making a sale including Upsell and Downsell pages.

Product Sales Funnel
Product Sales Funnel

In the past sales had to do a lot of work. Even educating the customer. Today, marketing carries the bulk of the weight. People have instant access to information. They want to be entertained. Marketing must do these things. It is part of the sales funnel.

Below is the NEW marketing and sales funnel. With all the information people have access to marketing has an increased responsibility when it comes to sales.

New Sales Funnel
New Sales Funnel

What are the key stages of a funnel?

There are 3 key stages to a sales or marketing funnel:

  • Top of the funnel: The goal is creating awareness and trust in the market
  • Middle of the funnel: The aim is educating around the offer, product or service
  • Bottom of the funnel: Give a reason to act now! Create an opportunity for them to buy now.

What is the difference between a sales pipeline and a sales funnel?

I know it can get very confusing. It is almost as if we are running out of words for things. There are different definitions of for a sales pipeline and a sales funnel.

For me;

  • a sales pipeline is your potential sales in your CRM.
  • a sales funnel is a set of sequential pages focused on making a sale

Where do you start building a sales funnel?

The first step is linking your product to a market. This means; you need to be very clear on your target market as well as the product or service you will be promoting.

From there you will build your different pages; add automation and define your distribution channel aka marketing channel. You could use Facebook ads, Google ads, emails, and many more. It will all depend on your budget and the target market.

How do you build a sales funnel fast?

Using the product sales funnel example, you need a couple of pages:

  • Sales page: This is your offer
  • Order page: First sale takes place here
  • Upsell offer: Make an upsell offer
  • Upsell order page: Sale takes place here
  • Order Confirmation: Order is confirmed
  • Email: Follow up thank you email

I believe that is the basics you should have in place to have sales funnel. You can build this quickly using various online tools. There is also HTML files available you can use to build your funnel. You can also use WordPress page builders to easily create a sales funnel. Your choice is really dependent on the level of complexity of your sales funnel. You can build a basic funnel using various tool.

Is there a difference between a B2B sales funnel and B2C sales funnel?

Yes, the one is focused on businesses and the other consumers. What is important here is understanding the buyer. If the person in a business has a business credit card and they are allowed to buy online, it makes the process easier.

In some cases you will have a sales call with the buyer or business owner.

In consumer marketing you are usually talking to the decision maker; or they have a partner.

The most important consideration here is this … HOW DO THEY BUY …

If a business only buys via a tender process, then a sales funnel will not work. If your consumer client only pays cash then an online sales funnel will not work.

Spend some time in understanding HOW your customer buys and adjust your process accordingly.

Sales Funnel Templates

I have been working on building up a library of templates. One of the services I use have done this (so I have a whole bunch of sales funnel templates and examples). Obviously; that I cannot put here.

A template is a great place to start. Especially if you have a specific type of funnel in mind.

Why are commercial viable sales funnels important?

Why do I use the word commercial viable? You see; the world is changing. And one-time-sales is almost a thing of the past. Long ago you could break-even on just selling a book. Now; that is not enough anymore. You need to have back-end offers, up-sells, down-sells to make a sales funnel commercially viable. This is WHY businesses should have sales funnels (soon you will not get the results you are after if you are not using sales funnels).

Yes, some services and products sell at higher values with bigger margins and they might be fine. A sales funnel tough aims to take someone who does not know you, to trust you, and make a sale. Nothing happens unless a sale is made.

What sales funnel software is available?

Tech is awesome! 10 years ago it was difficult building great sales pages; now that is easy.

I have a used a whole bunch of funnel software. Some work like what they say on the box; many do not.

Before deciding on software; first blue print your funnel … work on some wording … get some images … then invest. It will save you some money.

I like using LeadPages as my tool for building landing pages; and for good reasons. Probably the biggest reason for me is the ease of use. Some page builders really struggle with being mobile friendly (which is so important). LeadPages works for me very well here (you can now also build a whole high converting website using it).

Building a Sales Pipeline using a Sales Funnel

Yes, you can use a sales funnel to build your sales pipeline. Most companies make the mistake of not engaging their potential customers first, before they decide to buy.

This means, you are competing for that moment when the client buys. That moment of truth. And that is very competitive.

The moment of the truth is that single second when someone decides to buy, or not.

Imagine you are thirsty. Really, really, thirsty. You are on your way to a meeting and do not want to get there without having something to drink first. You stop at a local store on the way and walk in (you have 10 minutes to spare). When you get to fridge where all the cold drink is … which one do you choose? That is the moment of truth.

A sales funnel is not just finding people who are ready to buy now … it is opening the top of the funnel very wide to allow more people into your sales pipeline.

Only 3% of the market is looking to buy now. This means, you are missing out on 97% of the market if you only focus on the 3% who are interested in buying now.

Top of the funnel is about creating awareness. They need to know about you before they can buy from you.

Middle of the funnel is building trust; showcasing products and services.

Bottom of the funnel is creating opportunities for people to engage, buy products, get quotes, etc.

But, it does not end there. When you have a client is important to stay in touch; give support, ask for referrals, create more opportunities to buy, improve services, products and results.

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