There is ONE big mistake MOST businesses make when it comes to their digital marketing. Because of this single BIG mistake their marketing never performs well.


When you FIX this single mistake and re-align your marketing you: - Focus your marketing where it should focus - Get better, faster, more direct results

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Having a clear digital marketing strategy helps you reach your goals faster. You need to know and understand these key areas:

Your Goals

What are your marketing goals and how you will measure them!

Marketing Channels

What are the right channels to use in your digital marketing?

Your Message

What is your message to your market?

Your Clients

Who are your ideal clients and where are they?

  • We have developed an Online Marketing Framework. This framework is focused on FIXING the single biggest mistake most businesses make when it comes to their digital marketing.  
  • How does it work? We do a 4 hour strategy session using our online marketing framework as basis for the session.  
  • What do I need for the session? We ask you to complete our 62 point strategic questionnaire. From there we schedule the strategy session with you.
Johan Mouton

Johan Mouton (Marketing Growth Hacker) 082 325 3082 B. Com (Hons) Marketing

Hi, I am Johan Mouton and I am excited to be your marketing guy.

I have helped thousands of businesses with their marketing, training, websites, lead generation and getting better results from their marketing. I found most businesses need a fresh set of eyes to help with getting their digital marketing strategy in place. This is why I created the Online Marketing Framework. It is a tool we use to help define your digital marketing strategy.

What is the investment? The 4 hour session is R5995 and includes: 

  • The time we spend togheter: My 20+ years experience in business and marketing. My consulting time is R800 per hour.
  • The Online Marketing Framework: A 62 point questionaire and tool we developed to help create your digital marketing strategy valued at R3000.
  • Excel Tool to measure digital marketing campaings: Be able to measure your digital marketing campaings.
  • Growth Hacking Template: A tool help you understand growth areas in your business.  

What will the result be of our session: A workable 12 month strategic digital marketing plan for your business.

YES! Contact Me Urgently!

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