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Digital Marketing company in Gauteng

Online Systems is a digital marketing company in Gauteng. We help business with their digital marketing strategy, implementation, measurement and improvement.

We use sales funnels as a measurable way to get better results from your marketing.

  • What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a method to generate leads and support your sales processes.
  • Measurable Results: Results must be measured. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Measurement comes from detailed reports and analytics.
  • Improvement: With measurement you can start improving your results.
  • Marketing channels: We use paid marketing channels to get traffic into a sales funnel. If you do not have traffic you will not be able to run effective digital marketing.

The Inter Webs

The internet has developed from academics looking for a way to share research information into a world-wide-web. It is a place where we store information. Search for stuff. Find things we have been looking for. A recent study shows 16% to 20% of searches a day have never been searched for before.

The web is big and grows daily. People move and their attention span is getting shorter. When you want to run an effective digital marketing campaign you need to grab your ideal customers attention and keep it! There are a lot of distractions.

You start your marketing by aligning your business and marketing strategy. You need to have a plan. Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Once you have defined your strategy, you move into an implementation phase. You get critical items from your marketing strategy plan implemented.

We see running pilot campaigns as a good way to test the market before launching a big campaign. It improves results.


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