About Johan Mouton - Marketing Consultant - Growth Hacker


I have helped thousands of clients with creating websites, getting online, training business owners, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and division managers how to market effectively online and off-line (yes, offline is important).

I studied marketing at the University of Pretoria. Completed my Honors degree in Marketing. During this time I came in contact with the Internet. I worked at a computer company. That year was also my first website, back in 1999.

Joined Nedbank for 5 years. The focus was on process improvement, implementing projects, and change management (at one stage this involved 1200 people).

There are limitless opportunities but every opportunity has limited time … act now.

My approach is slanted towards marketing first and then technology, this has made all the difference. We focus on internet marketing, SEO, Adwords, lead generation, strategy development and getting more leads for clients and helping clients make more sales.

Some success stories include: A client going from R6 million to R17 million the next year (this was during the economic slump), a client doubling their turnover, a client improving their closing ratio from 10% to 30% (that more than doubles the business), client finding more than 200 prospects per month, client getting 50 good prospects in 15 days for less than a newspaper advertisement in a newspaper for one day, client increasing bookings from 30 (the highest ever), to 50 bookings in month smashing the previous record (and doubling fees in the process due to demand), increasing a database from almost 0 to 1200 in one year, growing a database from 3000 to over 9000 in 12 months, a R14k transaction from one lead in the first month and a potential R300k per month deal, 24 leads in one week – 1 sale and another R200k potential deal. The list goes on and on.

I am not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of your marketing.