Do you want to get a consistent flow of warm sales leads? More sales? Less stress? Better cash flow? Already spending money on advertising? This is for you ...

Fellow business owner,

My name is Johan Mouton and I am excited to be your marketing guy! If you are reading this it means you want to be one of my ten private clients in 2020.

What makes the difference? I do not only look at ONE aspect of your business. It is a more in-depth approach. It is having marketing and sales tools to support ALL your marketing and sales actions. Improving each area has a positive compounding effect. 

Johan Mouton

This is not a 10% or 20% improvement. Many times, we get a 200% or more improvement! This is an investment into your business that pays for itself (like one client who pays us out of his Google Ads SAVINGS ... read that again ... he PAYS us from the SAVINGS on his advertising) ... and we X4 traffic and leads.

We have ALL been there. Having more month than what we budgeted for. There is a LOT of stress that comes with that. Not knowing where the next sale will come from. The phones are not ringing. No emails. No SMS. No quotes. Nothing. Just dead silence.

Then you spend on ads and see some results. Only to find it is getting more expensive every month. You need to top up your advertising more often than before and get less and less clicks. And when your budget runs out ... the phones stop ringing, the emails stop flowing ... no quotes go out. Deal flow stops. Cash flow is now under pressure. 

The first goal of your marketing is getting leads. This takes the pressure off. If you MUST make this sale or face cash flow problems the desperation is carried on over. If you have been in business for any amount of time; you will know how important leads are. No leads, no sales. And that hurts!

When you know there will be MORE leads soon you have a much more relaxed approach to every call and every prospect. You can also find out if the client is the right client. We have all had clients who were not a good fit. The more prospects you have the pickier you can be. 

A steady flow of leads is not just sales now;

  • It is also future business. 
  • A long-term relationship. 
  • Ongoing business and referrals.

When you have a consistent flow of leads; you can see where the holes are in your sales process. We helped a client close such a hole by implementing ONE idea. They did not see that hole for 8 years! Suddenly sales just poured in! How much did that oversight cost them? Millions in lost sales! If you never look you will never find!

It is NOT your fault! Like the client who did not see that ONE missing step ... it was not her fault! As a business owner you have a lot going on and a lot of things to focus on. You are busy with the stuff that makes the business work. 

That is where I come in. For the past 20 years I have looked at and solved marketing and sales problems. It is like a second pair of eyes looking AND finding opportunities for you in your business. It is not just digital marketing, or leads, or emails, or Google Ads, or Facebook, or LinkedIn, or social ... IT IS EVERYTHING, and that is what makes the difference! 

We have done very well with these types of businesses:

  • new property developments,
  • auctions,
  • home improvement, 
  • equipment,
  • compressors, 
  • furnaces, 
  • first aid training, 
  • awnings, 
  • blinds,
  • ducting, 
  • banners, 
  • bins, 
  • balustrades, 
  • decking, 
  • golf carts, 
  • signs, 
  • roofing, 
  • waterproofing, 
  • generators, 
  • solar, 
  • uniforms, 
  • and a whole lot more.  

It is a good indication if you can hit it (your product or service) with a hammer!

This works even better if there is some urgency when making a sale. 

This works for: HIGHER value transactions, products and some services where the first sale is worth a lot of money OR if there is long-term value in the relationship with the client.

Most businesses do not have sales and marketing systems. There could be a pile of potential business you are not aware of. If you have a sales team this could be substantial. Like this one client who discovered R2,5 million and closed R159 000 in the first week!

FACT ... no business can prosper without a constant flow of NEW enquiries.

A branding and advertising agency can burn every cent to "brand your company". The measure is how many people have "seen" your brand. You can't measure a single sale from all the effort.  

Cold calling and networking are hard work and can be VERY time consuming. It might take years to get the right skills and grow confidence to do it well. Employees can see this as "getting out of the office time" and not NETWORK at all. Then you can use the internet - with ALL the noise that surrounds it. 

Thousands of fresh sales leads generated for B2B and B2C markets. Yes, we have delivered thousands of sales leads to our clients so far and find more every day. We can probably find some for you.

Here are some results we helped clients achieve:

  • A client received 1200 leads over 3 years valued at R48 000 000.
  • We helped 2 businesses in 2019 double (x2) traffic and DOUBLE (x2) leads on their CURRENT ADVERTISING BUDGET. They went from around 200 to 500 leads per month, and 540 to 2650 leads per month within 60 days.
  • It’s very encouraging to see that our internal sales people have doubled their sales from the first quarter to the second quarter 
  • Best month in 16 years 
  • Client sales from 6 million to 17 million the next year
  • At first I was sceptical to use an Online Marketing company, as I did Google Adwords and Facebook Ads myself. I decided to give Johan a chance, with the understanding that he would save me money. After a very short period of time, I was paying them just from the savings on Adwords and my clicks more than doubled! In addition, for the first time Facebook Ads were done correctly and this paid off in a very short period of time. The number of leads increased dramatically and I can clearly see a significant improvement in sales. Johan’s unique approach to a total online marketing system with the use of some fantastic tools, together with his deep understanding of marketing is an absolute necessity in any modern company.  

If you manage your own campaign(s), this is for you! Many people manage their own campaigns, and that is fine. What we offer is a set of fresh eyes on your campaign to help you get better results. Sometimes we double leads and traffic using your current budget. What will that mean to you in your business if you suddenly had x2 traffic and x2 leads?

YES! The first goal is getting a consistent flow of leads ... to get this flow, we need traffic. Traffic comes from marketing campaigns. To improve your campaigns we use data, tools and systems.

Here is how to get started.

This service starts at R9,000 per month. Even though it is not expensive, it is definitely not for everybody. This is only for people who have a business up and running at this moment. You must be actively selling. 

Your advertising budget needs to be R15 000 or more per month (this means you have forward momentum). Advertising is the fuel needed for your marketing and sales machine.

There are 5 steps:  

  • Step 1: Complete the form below and I will give you a call to see if this is right for you
  • Step 2: 4 Hour Strategy Session (we look at what you want to achieve in the next 12 to 24 months) 
  • Step 3: Setup tools, systems and campaigns (this forms the support structure and could include Google, Facebook, Social, SEO, etc.)
  • Step 4: Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 (is everything working the way it should) 
  • Step 5: Go live and improve monthly (traffic, data, results, improve ... rinse and repeat)  

There is a better way. Can we talk?