When the economy catches a cold

So GDP decided to catch a cold and contract with 2.2%. Here is a graph showing the past couple of years to put this in perspective. It is not a pretty picture for an emerging market. 2008 and 2009 we had the same thing. The economy contracted and the property market went for a tumble. … Read more

Are you using video in your marketing?

I liked a post on LinkedIn about sales. More specifically prospecting (I explain why during our corporate LinkedIn training course and the online LinkedIn course). The mantra of the post; you need to do 4 to 6 hours prospecting per day. That is good. Only thing is; do you have 4 to 6 hours? Most … Read more

Prove your business (concept, start-up, new venture) with paid traffic

Your first job as a business-owner or entrepreneur is not to get venture capital. It is not to sign surety at the bank. It is not to get your brand perfect. It is not a 68 page, full color business and marketing plan with statistics, strategies, markets, budgets and cash flow projections. If it is … Read more

Grow100 campaign

Can this happen? A hypothesis is a starting point for further investigation. The hypothesis for today is when you implement marketing and sales automation tools you could add an additional R1 million (a bar) in turnover because of the improvement in your current marketing and sales processes. That is the hypothesis of the #Grow100 campaign. Marketing … Read more